Virekta 2 in 1 Magic Herbal Solution 50 ml
Virekta 2 in 1 Magic Herbal Solution (50 ml)
20th May 2019
Virekta Turbo 100 Packet
Virekta Turbo 100
19th June 2019
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Virekta 2 in 1 Magic Herbal Solution (100 ml)

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After 3 years of intensive scientific research and numerous trials, Herbal Remedies International have produced a unique, revolutionary tincture (liquid). This new product simultaneously treats both erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. The tincture is 100% herbal and contains a scientific blend of eurycoma, cistanche,muira puama, catuaba, epimedium and sarsaparilla preserved in alcohol. There are no side effects whatsoever and the tincture remains active in the body for at least 12 hours. This is truly an amazing magic herbal solution which is extremely effective in treating both ED and PE. Also available in smaller 50 ml bottle.

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